She’s Talking Now…

I have so many stories, so many questions, so many observations, so may opinions, so many concerns, so much to say….today’s the day. I guess I’ll start with an introduction- my first name is Zainab (pronounced Zay-nab)  my last name is Johnson. I know they don’t match but they were given to me at birth. I’m one of the 13. Yes, I have 12 siblings and if you’ve ever seen my standup you know ‘all from the same mother and father’. I was raised in Harlem, some think it’s it’s own city but it’s just one of many neighborhoods in Manhattan. Anywho, growing up in a city known for being crowded you can imagine the lack of space when living with 14 other people. There were 5 bedrooms- my parents occupied the largest bedroom which up until a few years ago always had a crib in it, 2 boys’ rooms, and 2 girls’ rooms. At one point some of us moved our bunk beds into the hallway or the dining room for privacy…ironically. We laughed, cried, fought, took sides, broke things, read diaries, borrowed clothes, etc. My family is the closest thing to me, I love them regardless in every moment and even in this moment am not surprised that they’re the first thing I choose to mention. They’re my first, my last, my everything so look forward to reading a lot about them, about me, about my life.


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